How Coca Cola invented Santa Claus?

Every Christmas people start telling me the same story on how it was a brilliant marketing scheme by one of the worlds leading global brands: Coca Cola invented Santa Claus. This is a favourite, especially in international company, and any of my attempts to explain that actually Santa Claus derives from a very beautiful Dutch tradition called Sinterklaas, and that legends about this saint are found all around Europe are

futile. If you are really interested in his story, read the history of Santa Claus on


If, and only if I can convince my friends that he actually DID exist before Coca Cola used him in their genius campaign in the 30ties, and that he was not dressed in green before Coca Cola conveniently turned him red. All this is urban myth, but it does show one thing: Coca Cola was, and still is more famous than Santa.

We aim to find you your next advertising partner so you can start building your own urban myths, and become more famous than Santa too.

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What makes a truly global brand?

A friend once told me a story of a child he met when he was traveling in Outer Mongolia, nothing but big yurts and small horses around. He had taken along a little transistor radio and lots of batteries, which he decided to leave with his hosts as a token of his appreciation, they had shared what little they had with him.  When he had inserted the batteries and turned it on, something amazing happened. One of the children started immediately to sing along with the song that was on. Although it was difficult to understand what the child was singing, it was undoubtedly the melody that was on the radio. Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, IIIIIII think they’re okahay, if they don’t give me proper credit I just walk awahay… (I won’t even get into the anthropological implications of the lyrics of this song on the outer Mongolian lifestyle here :).

What does this story tell us? That Madonna, among others is a truly global brand. In the 80’ies, wherever you went, people would have known this song.

For multinational companies, this is often a distant dream., we aim to help you achieve that dream by offering you access to truly multinationally minded advertising agencies and  marketing services providers. So you can become the next Madonna. Without the singing I suppose.

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Why fostering creativity will pay off

Have you ever felt like the man in this cartoon? Or have you ever been his boss? @Scanexplorer we have always known that stimulating the creativity of our employees, and fostering the talent those who have it, is of vital importance in our business. Nice to know a 2010 study proves us right, and even showed a link between creativity and productivity. Where for long creative was associated with chaotic an sometimes even flaky characters, luckily today it is considered an essential quality in not only the so-called creative professions, but in all fields of work where problem solving plays an important part in creating sustainable competitive advantages in your own business, as well as fulfilling you customers ever changing desires. This is exactly what we aim to do @scanexplorer. Bringing together the top multinational companies with the creative agencies and marketing service companies that know their business and their territory, is our one and only goal. See what we can do for you at

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Be found by multinational marketers seriously looking for new partners

SCAN Explore for Agencies and Marketing Services Companies. At Scan Explore, we don’t believe in driving traffic to you website and charging you for that traffic alone. Who cares about traffic if the eyes are not in your target audience? What we deliver on the other hand, is a unique, serious and multinational audience. We don’t promise a fixed number of clients will find you find through SCAN explorer. however, it’s bound to be a valuable international contact. We aim to deliver an excellent product at a favourable price compared to most databases. We achieve this based on our subject matter expertise, the fact that we focus ventiel on search, and because we employ the latest state-of-the art technology. It’s all about delivering an outstanding customer experience. Find out at how we can help you build your brand and find multinational customers.
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The platform you didn’t know you needed, the platform you didn’t know you needed: Two years ago we found that there was no global search platform for multinational marketers in need of a multinational advertising agency. We’ve spent the past 2 years in R&D to provide you with exactly that missing link. Multinationals often retain hundreds of marketing services suppliers and agencies around the world. SCAN Explorer Portfolio Management can help clients oversee, manage and optimize their marketing services suppliers and agencies —local, regional and global— in a closed database. Their portfolio of (creative) work can be included, and details about remuneration packages, formal assessments and (local) client satisfaction can be added. Current suppliers can regularly update their information to ensure up-to-date insights into global relationships and partnerships.
The portfolio solution will enable client companies to check their portfolio with what’s available per region by comparing their portfolio to suppliers in the SCAN Explorer search platform. This will enable clients to optimize or rationalize their rosters for increased efficiency and/or integration. Find out at how we can help you find your multinational advertising agency.

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Welcome to Scan Explorer

Scan Explorer is the only global, digital search platform for multinational marketers, procurement, advertising and portfolio management.

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